Cannabis Helps Menstrual Cramps And No, You Don’t Have to Get High

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Last year, Whoopi Goldberg announced a new business venture: a medicinal cannabis line to treat menstrual cramps. Ever since, the medical industry (patients included) have been waking up to the idea that cannabis is a great solution for heavy periods. Additionally, Newsweek reports New York women will be able to legally acquire medical cannabis for menstrual cramps if the state’s medical marijuana bill passes.

But using cannabis to treat menstruation isn’t a new idea. According to Ethan Russo, who is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington, the earliest historical reference to using cannabis as medicine is in 7th century BCE where “hemp seeds were mixed with other agents in beer for an unspecified female ailment.” Additionally, in Egypt, cannabis was administered vaginally.

“Women have been self-medicating naturally for centuries while the medical establishment disregards both our ailments and our cures,” explains Spimm co-founder Jenn Lauder who uses cannabis to treat abdominal cramps, migraine headaches, and mood swings during her period. “[Cannabis] presents the opportunity to have [women’s medical] concerns taken seriously and to feel empowered to take charge of our health through the amazing potential of cannabis.”


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