Boston Globe: Has pot lost its cool?

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Snoop Dogg’s first solo album, 1993’s quadruple-platinum “Doggystyle,” was a sun-splashed, blood-soaked homage to the most enduring outlaw symbol in American culture, marijuana.

Rapping over a Parliament-Funkadelic-inspired bass line and a high-pitched synthesizer, Snoop anointed himself the hoodlum king of California: an AK-47 assault rifle in one hand and a giant spliff of the “bubonic Chronic” in the other.

Cannabis, that emblem of social unrest in the ’60s and ’70s and rebuke to the “Just Say No” fervor of the ’80s, had a new gangsta sheen. The drug’s ever-shifting rebellion, it seemed, would live on.

Live on, that is, until it won.


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Has pot lost its cool? by David Scharfenberg, Globe Staff

Photo credit: Tom Cocotos for The Boston Globe

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