Alcohol, tobacco interests eyeing Michigan marijuana market

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“adult-use proponents are finalizing a legalization measure for the 2018 ballot – executives connected to the alcohol and tobacco industries have had a seat at the negotiating table.”

It’s not yet clear how the alcohol and tobacco interests will be involved in the marijuana business.

But there are signs the tobacco industry is at least eyeing the retail end of the market. And MJ industry officials have raised the possibility that both tobacco and alcohol companies could be positioned to profit from secure wholesale transport of cannabis.

The scene in Michigan highlights how more established industries will likely insert themselves into the legalization process to gain a foothold in the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry.

Heather Azzi – an attorney with Marijuana Policy Project who was involved in the negotiations over what a Michigan rec legalization initiative for 2018 would include – said there’s already precedent for industries such as alcohol and tobacco getting a foothold in the marijuana business.

“There’s certainly a history of this. Those industries are keeping an eye on us, and are involved,” Azzi noted.


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