A Moment of Appreciation During COVID-19

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CVD Executive Director Shayne Lynn addressing the team at the 2019 annual summer retreat


Let’s hear it for emergency and healthcare workers. Journalists and news teams. Janitors and grocery store employees. The mailwoman and the delivery driver. And let’s hear it for all of the medical cannabis workers throughout the United States who have been deemed “essential” by their state governments in the climate of COVID-19. We know that to many of us this is common sense. But when government, law enforcement and health care professionals are in agreement on this issue and putting it into policy, that’s a big deal. It comes as a tremendous relief to our registered patients who can now be at ease that they will continue to have access to the medicine that is providing them relief. It also brings a form of relief to our magnificent staff, who have stepped up and courageously put themselves on the frontlines to serve our community.

Our patients are living with complicated underlying health conditions that both qualify them to have access to the Vermont Marijuana Registry as well as put them at risk for contracting severe forms of COVID-19. It is our honor to serve them during this time. It is also of our utmost responsibility to do this in a way that protects them and our staff from exposure to the virus. In addition to all of the new protocols we have put in place to increase sanitation and social distancing, we have also upped our game in supporting our staff so that they have the tools they need to stay healthy and to continue to perform their essential jobs.

We put the well-being of people first, and as a small business with these values we are able to support our staff on an individual basis, whether it be emergency child care, paid time off, extended personal leave while retaining health care coverage, or a no-interest loan through our Employee Hardship Loan Program.  

In the spirit of our mission to expand access to plant based remedies, we are offering our team a monthly supply of Ceres Natural Remedies CBD products to help them manage the emotions that are surfacing during this challenging time, as well as to help improve sleep hygiene. In further support of their mental health we have expanded our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which provides immediate connection, 24/7, with Master’s or Doctoral level counselors. This program also offers services like free financial guidance to help manage household budgets during this tumultuous time.

Stay tuned to our social media, we’ll be sharing ways to utilize local resources and (of course) cannabis to benefit your own mental health while we face this unprecedented and extraordinarily challenging time – because you are our people, too. Vermonters are rallying around each other even though things at the moment are extremely disruptive to every day life in so many waysWe’re so proud to be a part of this community.

Yours in health,

Champlain Valley Dispensary and Southern Vermont Wellness

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