A Message from Bridget: June 2021

 In A Message from Bridget

Image: Our annual staff meeting in 2018, where we all gathered under one roof as a team. 

Greetings CeresMED Community,

This month we make the big push to complete the rebrand of Champlain Valley Dispensary and Southern Vermont Wellness to CeresMED. We are one team and we are excited to be finally gathering under one name. We have made a lot of effort behind the scenes to make this a seamless transition for our registered patients, staff and other key stakeholders in our community. We would be remiss if we failed to acknowledge that coincident with this effort and excitement, an underlying sadness exists as we say goodbye to CVD and SVW. We have experienced a rich history under these two names, a history that will continue to inform us as we grow as an organization. Thank you for being a part of our story. We wouldn’t be CeresMED without you.

So what can you expect as June unfolds? 

Email Address Change: Beginning today, all of our email addresses are changing to an @ceresvt.com domain. This includes our info@ceresmedvt.com and info@svwvt.org addresses which will now combine into one: info@ceresvt.com. Rest assured, our ceresmedvt.com and svwvt.org email addresses will remain active for a few weeks and will redirect to our new addresses. Please update your contacts to reflect this change so that our email communications do not end up in your spam folder.

Website Rebrand: Our website will sport its new CeresMED look beginning Monday, June 7th: ceresmedvt.com. For several weeks, our ceresmedvt.com and svwvt.org domains will be redirected to our new address, after which they will be deactivated. We will begin the migration late Sunday evening on June 6th. These migrations can take a few hours to complete. We expect that our new site will be fully operational by the time we open for business at our South Burlington dispensary at 9am on Monday morning. 

Social Media Accounts Rebrand: By June 7th, all of our Champlain Valley Dispensary social media accounts will transition to CeresMED. The new handle is @ceresvt. We are active on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We recently stopped actively participating on Facebook because we feel that Facebook as a company does not align with our values. Instead, we will maintain a static page as a means of access for our patients and community for information – our hours of operation, locations and ability to Message.

License Differentiation at the Vermont Marijuana Registry (VMR): The rules and regulations governing the VMR require that our medical cannabis licenses be separate when it comes to registered patients having to designate a dispensary. We will have to continue to differentiate between our locations in order to remain compliant and so that both patients and staff can discern which license a patient has designated.

  • Our former CVD locations, Burlington and South Burlington, will be known as CeresMED.
  • Our former SVW locations, Brattleboro and Middlebury, will be referred to as CeresMED South.

The Dispensary Selection Form on the VMR website will be rebranded this month to reflect these name changes and patient and staff ID cards will follow suit. If you are already a registered patient with either CVD or SVW, the name change on your card will not occur until the time of your renewal. Your current CVD or SVW cards will be accepted in the meantime.

Check Payments for Home Delivery Clients: We continue to accept checks for home delivery because Aeropay is currently only an option for online orders placed for Curbside pickup. Please note that checks written for home delivery now need to be made out to either CeresMED or CeresMED South depending on your dispensary designation. Checks written out to Champlain Valley Dispensary or Southern Vermont Wellness will no longer be accepted.

Your Feedback is Important: 

Alongside our transition to CeresMED, we are witnessing the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions across Vermont as the end of the State of Emergency approaches. As a result, we are preparing to welcome patients back inside our dispensaries. We have missed you and are looking forward to reestablishing the deeper connections that occur with in-person consultation. 

We also understand that some of you are not ready to come back inside. Curbside Service has offered both comfort and convenience. It has also created operational efficiencies that allow us to serve more patients on a daily basis. Moving forward, we want to build a new workflow that accommodates your service preferences. We need to hear from you in order to do that. Please complete the Curbside Pickup Survey provided in the Dish.

Speaking of surveys, a big thank you to those that completed the Cheese Nib Dosing Survey. Based on the answers we received, we are working on relaunching this product to be 10mg ∆9-THC/Nib with 20 Nibs/package. 

We will be utilizing surveys more regularly to collect your feedback. We find that they are the most efficient and effective way to do so. The next opportunity arrives this week with a survey on the therapeutic benefits of Exodus Cheese. We have been growing this cultivar since 2013 and feel that the terpene profile on the batch that arrived at dispensaries last week is the best yet! Thanks in advance for taking the time to participate in this important process. Your testimonials will be added to our new cultivar menu so that our registered patients can be better informed when making their product choices.

In Good Health,

Bridget Conry

CeresMED Director of Brand Experience

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