Relax, Restore, and Revitalize Tinctures

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Tinctures were one of the first infused products that we offered on our menu soon after opening in 2013. This occurred for two primary reasons. The first reason is that our Infusion Kitchen Manager at the time, Bridget Conry (now our Director of Brand Experience), was well-schooled in the manufacture of tinctures due to her 15+ years as a Community Herbalist. Additionally, we understood that giving our registered patients a drop by drop dosing method would be critical in helping them to use cannabis for symptom relief successfully.

What Are Tinctures?

Tinctures are, by definition, concentrated extracts made with alcohol as the solvent. Used under the tongue, they allow for a more rapid onset of effect (on average less than 30 minutes) than other ingestion methods. The alcohol solution can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the oral-mucosal lining of the mouth. Because this absorption process bypasses “first-pass metabolism,” tinctures also have the potential for greater bioavailability of the active ingredients, in our case, cannabinoids and terpenes.  

It is important to distinguish tinctures from other liquid cannabis extracts such as infused oils and glycerites. These products can be highly effective, but their onsets and durations of effect will be different for two reasons. As solvents, oils and glycerine extract other chemical components of the plant, and your body metabolizes them differently than alcohol. As a result, they must travel through the first-pass metabolism in your digestive system, which adds time and decreases bioavailability. 

How Have Our Tinctures Changed?

Over the course of eight years, our tincture formulations have changed numerous times as our technology and knowledge have increased. We are excited to have recently launched what we believe to be our most effective formulas, our new Relax, Restore and Revitalize Tinctures. These three products are replacing our Indica, 1:1 and Sativa tinctures, respectively. Along with the name changes, the products have improved with “need state” focused proprietary terpene formulas and increased cannabinoid content.

Our partner in developing our proprietary terpene formulas is Eybna, a terpene technology company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Eybna conducts R & D alongside licensed operators within the Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency. The Israeli Ministry of Health regulates the Agency and collects data on the cannabis cultivars that registered patients use to treat specific medical conditions effectively. Eybna analyzes these cultivars using GC-MS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) to determine their natural terpene profiles and GC-Olfactory to identify the different molecules that create their unique flavor. They then recreate these profiles using botanically sourced terpenes and other naturally occurring phytochemicals like esters and ketones. Additionally, Eybna also blends custom terpene formulations to evoke specific need states. Each blend consists of 40-60 unique terpenes. To learn more about individual terpenes commonly found in cannabis and other plants, review Eybna’s Terpiodic™ Table

New Formulas: 


Our Relax Tincture combines indica-leaning cultivars with terpenes known for their sedative and calming effects. We designed it to encourage rest and relaxation and we recommended it for nighttime symptom relief to help consumers achieve a restful sleep. 

Terpene Highlights: a-humulene, b-myrcene, a-bisabolol, limonene, terpineol & linalool 

Flavor: Highlights the grape flavor in the Indica-leaning Purple Punch Cultivar  


Our Restore Tincture combines the 1:1 CBD to THC ratio with terpenes known for their anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects. We designed this to create symptom relief with functionality (no intoxication) and a feeling of being grounded. Good for day or night symptom relief depending on the consumer and the context.

Terpene Highlights: b-caryophyllene, limonene, camphene, a-bisabalol, fenchol & trans-nerolidol  

Flavor: Highlights the mango flavor in the Pineapple Haze cultivar, a balanced hybrid, resulting from many crossings of the Haze, Skunk and Kush families. 


Our Revitalize Tincture combines sativa-leaning cultivars with terpenes known for their uplifting and mood-enhancing effects. We recommend it for daytime symptom relief to help consumers feel invigorated, focused and creative. 

Terpene Highlights: limonene, ocimene, b-caryophyllene, a-pinene, b-pinene & borneol 

Flavor: Clementine – fresh, crisp citrus notes lifted from well known Sativa-leaning cultivars Tangie and Lemon Skunk. 

Suggested Use: 

In addition to enhanced formulas, our new tinctures come with improved labels that include a supplement facts panel, requisite/best practice warnings, ingredients and suggested use instructions. The flavors are represented in the terpene formulas, hence you will not see a flavor extract identified in the ingredients. The design of the graduated droppers is for easy dosing; a quarter of a milliliter = 5mgs of cannabinoids.  

We are no longer advocating that patients hold drops under their tongue for up to 30 seconds. This can be irritating to the soft tissues of the mouth due to the high alcohol content. The preferred method is placing drops directly onto the tongue or adding to a beverage. In most cases, water is the best beverage for maintaining a quick onset of effect, though this may vary from person to person. A delicious way to utilize these formulas is to add them to your favorite trētap CBD sparkling beverage. In this way, you can also create your own personalized cannabinoid ratios. These tinctures also make great additions to your favorite cup of tea.

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