Medical Marijuana Dispensary Weighs In On Edibles In Vermont

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When Gov. Peter Shumlin voiced his support for legalizing recreational marijuana, he made a specific exception: edibles — pot infused cookies, brownies, butters and goodies.

The concern is that people won’t know how much marijuana they’re actually consuming and that these products could appeal to kids and the uninitiated.

But in Vermont, the medical marijuana dispensaries already have edible products for their customers. This experience could offer an interesting perspective on how to regulate THC — the principal psychoactive component in marijuana — as well as how to inform customers about their effects.

Bridget Conry is the operations manager for Champlain Valley Dispensary, which runs two dispensaries: the Champlain Valley Dispensary and Southern Vermont Wellness in Brattleboro. With a background in food management and herbalism, she was originally hired to develop the dispensaries’ product line of edibles.


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