2016 Photobooks of the Year, Part II: 32 Personal Favorites

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A wide-ranging group of experts from around the world share their personal favorite photobooks from 2016—discover something inspiring for the new year! 

Selection by a global panel of Photobook Experts

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a continued explosion in photobook publishing but also a proliferation of photobook awards, publishing grants and institutional recognition for the importance of the format. This is essential for supporting the continued flowering of the medium, but it obscures something essential: the degree to which one’s experience of a photobook is a deeply individual and private one.

It’s no accident that many of us proudly claim to have photobook collections, in the same way we might have once collected baseball cards, concert ticket stubs, postcards etc. Each book on the shelf tells its own special story—but also carries a special story about us: where we discovered it, where we’ve read it, what it reminds us of.

Thus, alongside the 14 books we recognized which received international acclaim in 2016, we also want to share a more intimate list of critics’ personal favorites from the past year. After asking the opinion of over 40 experts, here are a wide range of books that they put forward as their singular, personal picks. Think of it as a glimpse into their own, private photobook collections from 2016.

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