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Patient welfare is Champlain Valley Dispensary’s top-most priority. That’s why we are carefully monitoring the ongoing conversation on vape safety. We want our patients to know that we remain confident in the quality and safety of the products we provide. Further regulation is the next logical step to ensure that Vermonters are able to maintain access to safe medicine.

We continue to advocate for smart regulation of cannabis products in order to keep our patients safe and maintain the standard of excellence we’ve established for CVD’s products and practices. Smart regulation includes, but is not limited to:

Required testing throughout key stages of the production process.

  • Test for cannabinoid content across all product categories to inform on potency.
  • Test for the presence of contaminants: microbial, solvents, pesticides and heavy metals.
    Testing to be performed by labs certified by state governing body.

Labeling requirements.

  • Identify ingredients and additives in alignment with FDA regulations for Consumer Packaged Goods.

Regulatory oversight.

  • Ongoing monitoring of research outcomes by relevant regulatory bodies.
  • Guidance from those regulatory bodies, indicating which ingredients can safely be used in production processes.
  • Inspection of processing facilities by the Department of Health to certify that licensed operations are acting in accordance with consumer safety guidelines.

For those who use vape as a preferred method of consumption, due diligence is key. Make sure to read our previous Message on Vape Safety:

To summarize: At Champlain Valley Dispensary and Southern Vermont Wellness, we utilize an internal Quality Control lab to analyze cannabinoid content of finished goods and at key points along the production process. We are a vertically integrated facility, which means that we control all inputs along production. Since our inception, we have been committed to using only OMRI-certified products on our plants and non-toxic solvents in our extraction and refining procedures. Our vape products are licensed through Organa Brands. Across 10 states and 3 countries, Organa Brands has a clean safety record seven years running. We manufacture vape oils from cannabis grown in our gardens using their Standard Operating Procedures for extraction, refining and packaging. Cartridges for the vape oils are purchased through Organa Brands, and have gone through rigorous supply chain management to ensure consumer safety. We also purchase their branded line of batteries which have gone through extensive Quality Control audits to ensure proper functionality, and we train our customers on the safe use of the variable temperature settings on the batteries in order to prevent or minimize any potential harm due to overheating.

The Vermont Department of Health recently released a statement on vape safety. We concur with their concern for the public’s welfare. While there is no data on the safety of repeated, long-term use of cannabis/hemp extracts inhaled as vapor, just as the Vermont Department of Health suggests, there are a few things you can do to help avoid vaping-related injury:

  • Never buy vape products (including cartridges, batteries and accessories) from the illicit market.
  • Avoid DIY vape products — even if you know the source.
  • Never alter cartridges or add additional substances to vaporizer fluid.

Seek medical help if you have vaped and experience symptoms like: “cough, shortness of breath, or chest pain; nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, or diarrhea; fever, chills, or weight loss.”

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