10 of the Best Cannabis Products for Alleviating Insomnia as Told by Leafly Users

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April 25, 2018
According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, about 10% of adults suffer from chronic insomnia and 30-35% express regular symptoms. These percentages translate to millions of people losing sleep each night with women experiencing insomnia at almost twice the rate as men. Enter cannabis: as the community continues to grow, both avid consumers and sleep-deprived newcomers have found the perfect snooze-inducing aid in this healing herb.

Smoking strains like Northern Lights and Romulan offers a nice, restful descent into dreamland, but those who prefer to consume their cannabis in other ways have found other products to drift them off to sleep without all the smoke. So we gathered our Instagram and Twitter resources and asked you, Leafly users, to tell us about your favorite products for alleviating insomnia.

Below, check out the best sleep-inducing products as recommended by Leafly users.

Select Elite Indica Vape Pen by Select Oil

(Courtesy of Select Oil)

Though popular for their calming CBD products, Select Oil doesn’t skimp when it comes to THC. The Select Elite Indica Vape Pen is loaded with a blend of relaxing indica strains to put you at ease as the sun starts to set.

Available in: California, Oregon, and Nevada

Jamyn Gummies by YiLo

(Courtesy of YiLo)

YiLo’s sweet Gummies offer balanced relief of insomnia. Clocking in at 180mg THC per pack, you can mix and match six different flavors and doses for an extra personalized evening treat.

Available in: Arizona

Cannatonic Capsules by Purely Medicinal

(Courtesy of Cannatonic)

Perfect for the no-nonsense cannabis consumer, Purely Med’s Cannatonic Capsules are easy to dose and digest, and are made with vegan caps. Each bottle contains 90mg THC and a small mix of CBD, giving you the ultimate in calming relief.

Available in: Canada

Lavender Mint CBD Balm by Kaneh Bosm

(Courtesy of Kaneh Bosom)

Ahh, lavender, the top herb for soothing stress. Kaneh Bosm’s tranquil Lavendar Mint CBD Balm goes above and beyond in the infused topicals game with a rush of natural ingredients including CBD and hemp oil (along with lavender, of course). Slather it on before bed and get ready for a deep and comfortable sleep.

Available in: Nationwide

THC Indica Patch by Mary’s Medicinals

(Courtesy of Mary’s Medicinals)

Mary’s Medicinals hits it out of the park when it comes to cannabis wellness, and their transdermal patches are no exception. Choose the 20mg THC Indica Patch for relief in both body and mind, or try your hand at a 10mg patch bursting with alleviating CBN.

Available in:  Arizona, Colorado, California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington

Chocolates and Caramels by Marigold Sweets Co.

(Courtesy of Marigold Sweets)

Switch out your evening dessert with something a bit more elevating from Marigold Sweets. With organic chocolates so decadent you’ll be dreaming about them deep into the night, these sweet treats make the perfect herbal nightcap after a long day.

Available in: California

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